LA flooding overhead

A Time to “Shine:” What You Need to Know About Contacting Injured Workers After a Disaster

Unprecedented flooding in Southern Louisiana has taken the lives of at least 13 people, left tens of thousands of people displaced, and washed away entire towns. Barriers to effective communication are still immense and could stay that way for weeks as the water recedes and people try to return home. In the face of this catastrophe, how can workers’ comp carriers best ensure that, first and foremost, claimants are taken care of, and also, protect themselves from legal challenges down the road?

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zika mosquito

“I Would Be Nervous Right Now:” Local Zika Transmission in Florida Opens the Door for Workers’ Comp Implications

Four new Zika infections acquired locally from mosquito bites have been reported in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami this week, according to Florida Governor Rick Scott, bringing the total number of locally transmitted cases to 21. Although Florida is the only state to report local transmission of the virus, Louisiana (as a neighbor with a similar climate) faces the significant threat of the virus spreading here. Although the fallout for workers’ comp is not entirely clear, employers, carriers and workers can take steps to limit their exposure, both financial and personal.

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Essential Updates: Comp Medical News for August

Welcome to this month’s Comp Medical News recap. Death from overwork, a new treatment for chronic low back pain, and the toll of under-exercising are your headlines for August 2016.

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Jeffrey Napolitano

Guest Post: Jeffrey Napolitano on Lafayette Bone & Joint Clinic v. LUBA and Choice of Pharmacy Implications

The recent Lafayette Bone & Joint Clinic v. LUBA case decided by the Louisiana Supreme Court sought to settle questions regarding employer choice of pharmacy (about which courts have differed). In the following guest post, Jeffrey Napolitano, attorney with Juge, Napolitano, Guilbeau, Ruli & Frieman representing LUBA in this case, explains the matter and implications for carriers moving forward.

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Chuck Davoli discusses the recent Utah and Florida Supreme Court decisions with attendees

July “Comp in Focus” Luncheon Put the Spotlight on Attorney Fees

Louisiana Comp Blog’s July “Comp in Focus” luncheon met on Tuesday the 19th at Mr. B’s Bistro in New Orleans, with attendees gathering to discuss two current attorney fee issues. “Comp in Focus” is a bimonthly luncheon speaker series that addresses emergent issues in the workers’ compensation industry, with speakers from both employer/insurer and claimant/labor sides of the arena.

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Babs Schultz LRA

Women in Comp: Babs Schultz, VP of Underwriting at LRA SIF

Babs Schultz, Vice President of Underwriting and Member Services at the Louisiana Restaurant Association workers’ comp fund (​LRA SIF​) is our July “Women in Comp” featured executive. Read on for her perspective on how the workers’ comp world has changed since she started at LRA in 1993, plus her thoughts on work ethic in a male dominated industry.

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