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In safety news:

OSHA has released four new fact sheets on protecting workers from common hazards found in the shipyard and maritime industries.

In economic news:

Among the 23 occupational groups, 6 had at least 64,000 injuries and illnesses resulting in days away from work in private industry in 2016, according to new Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.

In national news:

A new piece in Business Insurance looks into toxic water and how its dangers can affect employees long after professional cleanup ends.

In safety news:

OSHA issued a final rule that sets November 10th, 2018, as the date employers in the construction industry must comply with a requirement for crane operator certification.

In medical news:

The FDA granted a new indication to an electric stimulation device for use in helping to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

In local news:

New data from the Louisiana Department of Health and the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy show there are fewer opioids being prescribed since Medicaid expansion began in July 2016.

In economic news:

Unemployment rates were lower in September 2017 than a year earlier in 345 of the 388 metropolitan areas, higher in 33 areas, and unchanged in 10 areas, according to new Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.