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Assistant Secretary Kellar Discusses New 45-Day 1008 Deadline

SB88 by Senator Luneau establishes a 45 day deadline to appeal decisions of the Medical Director as part of the LWC Form 1008 process. The bill passed the Legislature this Session and is on the Governor’s desk. Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration Assistant Secretary Sheral Kellar spoke with Louisiana Comp Blog to discuss the new regulations and what they mean for getting treatment to injured workers faster.

Senate Labor Passes HB285 on Comp for Police Volunteers

The Louisiana Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee considered HB285 by Rep. Robert Billiot on Thursday morning. HB285 would provide for benefits for volunteer reserve police officers and deputies; to provide medical benefits for injured reserve police officers and deputies; as well as definitions and related matters.

Comp in the Capitol: Comp Bills Slowly Moving

The 2019 Regular Legislative Session began on April 8th at noon. Several workers’ comp bills have been filed for this Session, which is a fiscal-only Session. Highlights include a bill that sets a 30 day deadline to appeal a decision of the Medical Director and a change in medical cannabis regulation.

Q&A: LUBA’s Brandi Gonzales Talks Misclassification

Brandi Gonzales, Assistant Vice President of Premium Audit and Billing Manager at LUBA Workers’ Comp, sat down with Louisiana Comp Blog to discuss misclassification and whether Louisiana is doing enough to combat the complex problem in our most prominent industries.