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The Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments today in the high profile Stahl v. Hialeah Hospital, Sedgwick Claims Management case. The case centers around reforms made back in 2003, which overhauled Florida’s workers’ comp system and, the plaintiff Daniel Stahl claims, removed rights and benefits from injured workers without justification. Hialeah Hospital and Sedgwick have countered that changing the workers’ comp structure back to what it was in 2003 would result in another “crisis,” causing the cost of comp insurance in the state to skyrocket. In brief filed in November, Stahl’s attorney Mark Zientz dismisses that argument. “This [Supreme] court has indicated it has little patience for the crisis mentality, especially where the crisis, if there ever was one, has gone away,” Zientz wrote. Justices will take up the Stahl case more than a year after hearing arguments in the two other pending workers’ compensation challenges. The court, as is customary, has not indicated when it will in rule in those two cases.

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