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Comp in the Capitol: ODG Formulary Bill Squeaks by House Labor Committee

Instruments geared toward limiting opioid use and abuse among the general public continue to move, and, after three hours of debate, the bill that would mandate the implementation of the “Official Disability Guidelines” formulary in Louisiana passed the House Labor and Industrial Relations Committee on Thursday 8 yeas to 5 nays. Stick with Louisiana Comp Blog for full coverage of comp-related happenings until the Session ends on June 8th.

Louisiana Commission on Preventing Opioid Abuse Gets to Work in Baton Rouge with 2/17 Deadline

The inaugural meeting of the Louisiana Commission on Preventing Opioid Abuse was held yesterday at the Department of Health in Baton Rouge. The Commission is the result of HCR 113, a resolution passed in the last regular legislative session and is co-chaired by Malcolm Broussard of the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy and Eric D. Torres of the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.