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CMS Issues New WCRC Award: Experts Weigh In

A new Workers’ Compensation Review Contractor (WCRC) award has been issued by CMS. The new WCRC contract was awarded on September 1st, 2017, to Capitol Bridge, LLC of Arlington, Virginia, a certified small business entity. The contract is worth $60,759,236 – an increase of $5,124,084 from the previous Provider Resources contract awarded in 2011.

LCTA Executive VP Troy Prevot on LCTA/Risk Management Resources Deal

LCTA Workers’ Comp (LCTA) announced this week that it is continuing its growth strategy with the acquisition of Risk Management Resources and the creation of a new subsidiary, LCTA Specialty Insurance Company. These announcements come on the heels of its expansion to write business in Mississippi and Arkansas, and its conversion to a casualty insurance company in early 2016.

Louisiana-based Insurers Ready for Continued Harvey Recovery

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas coast as a Category 4 storm on August 25th with winds of 130 miles per hour and went on to devastate Houston, Beaumont, and parts of Southwestern Louisiana with floodwaters and other damage as the days wore on. Now that the affected areas have switched to recovery mode, we reached out to workers’ compensation insurers based in Louisiana that also write in Texas to ask how they are handling the crisis and if they expect any increase in business due to re-building efforts, as occurred in Louisiana after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

Safety National Hosts Medical Marijuana Webinar, Local Carriers Talk Marijuana Policy

Safety National recently hosted a webinar dedicated to the constantly evolving medical marijuana sector and its effect on workers’ compensation programs. Mark Walls of Safety National hosted the event, which included discussion of how medical marijuana programs must evolve given the drug’s rising profile, plus its current legal status. We spoke to local comp carriers about their marijuana policies as distribution looms in Louisiana.

July WCAC Meeting Re-Hashes Debate Over Records and SIB Forms

The July Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) meeting held in Baton Rouge on Thursday focused primarily on revisions to several forms, an issue previously debated and discussed at the March meeting. Council members also addressed a letter sent by Dr. Clark Gunderson to WCAC Chair and Office of Workers’ Compensation (OWC) Director Sheral Kellar regarding the differences between two types of pain management physicians.