Monthly Archives: November 2014

In continuing local news:

Houston-based Fieldwood Energy LLC, the owner of the Echo platform offshore where a worker died last week, said that the worker was cleaning a piece of equipment when the explosion occurred.

In legal news:

North Dakota consistently has the lowest workers’ compensation rates in the country, yet it is the land of broken promises for injured workers, according to an article by Bismarck lawyer Dean Haas

In bonus news:

Insurance Journal has released a complete guide to the “underwriting period” for all 50 states and D.C.

Agent Spotlight: Tim Clements of Clements Insurance Services

Tim Clements of Clements Insurance Service is not Elvis, but his personality comes close. As the 2014 winner of the PIA Young Insurance Professional of the Year award, Clements is a leader in the world of independent agents. The man known by his friends as Tim-a-rim-a spoke with Louisiana Comp Blog about his life, growing family, insurance philosophy and Mardi Gras fanaticism.

In local news:

The Louisiana 1st Circuit ruled that a woman who was terminated for fighting with a customer after returning from a work accident is not entitled to SEB.

In neighboring news:

The Texas Supreme Court ruled that a man who was injured while working for an employer that opted out of the state workers’ comp system cannot sue the company’s liability insurer after his hand was amputated in a work accident, until his employer’s liability toward him has been established.

In continuing news:

An FDA advisory committee is meeting today to discuss adverse neurologic effects following the use of epidural steroid injections for pain management.

In national news:

A $22 million, five year study that will be conducted by several U.S. agencies will focus on alternative therapies for chronic pain that do not depend upon opioid painkillers.