Monthly Archives: December 2014

In neighboring news:

A new Florida OIR report discusses the state’s workers’ comp rates as some of the most competitive, but warns of recent court cases eroding the reforms of the past decade.

In self-insurance news:

The Texas DWC has approved United Airlines to self-insure for workers’ comp in the state and renewed another nine active self-insurance programs.

In national news:

A federal judge has dismissed the proposed class-action suit that was filed in May by some 1,300 retired pro footballers alleging that the NFL conspired to keep them on pain killers.

In regional news:

An explosion and fire at a southeastern Oklahoma oil rig early on Dec. 19 killed two workers and injured three others, two of them critically.

In neighboring news:

A federal appellate court in Texas decided yesterday that a man facing the death penalty for murdering four people he suspected of trying to sabotage his workers’ comp claim cannot continue to seek habeas corpus relief.

In national news:

A pain doctor in NY who was convicted of manslaughter in the overdose deaths of two patients was sentenced to more than 10 years in state prison.

In world news:

An undercover investigation into Apple’s factories in China has revealed routine and widespread breaches of the company’s standards for the protection of workers.