Monthly Archives: January 2015

In local business news:

According to a report in The Advertiser, although oil prices per barrel have plunged in recent months, Louisiana is better prepared to handle the downturn today than in the 1980s.

In regulatory news:

The American Hospital Association and an advisory panel of the U.S. Small Business Administration have recommended against new proposed OSHA rules which would mandate additional policies for handling infectious diseases.

In bonus news:

Property Casualty 360 has published a list of the biggest challenges for workers’ compensation in the trucking industry.

In local news:

Local claimant attorney Chuck Davoli discussed issues with the ACA and workers’ comp at the Fifth Annual Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference last Thursday in Baton Rouge.

In neighboring news:

The Texas DWC has recently launched a new educational outreach program, Workers’ Compensation Fundamentals, designed to educate injured employees about the basics of workers’ comp.

In research news:

A new study by Blue Cross Blue Shield echoes research in the workers’ comp arena, and finds huge disparities in charges for hip and knee surgeries depending on region, state and city.

In corporate news:

Travelers released its fourth quarter earnings report, revealing a 1% increase in net income partially attributable to “better than expected loss experience in the workers’ compensation product line across multiple accident years.”