Monthly Archives: February 2015

In local development news:

Houston-based Genesis Energy stated late last week in a quarterly report that it expects to have its $125 million pipeline upgrades and expansion in Louisiana completed in the second half of this year.

In safety news:

OSHA deputy administrator Jordan Barab updated attendees at a U.S. Small Business Labor Safety Roundtable about the agency’s priorities.

Comp in the Capitol: Legislative Audit Advisory Council Members Assess Costs and Potential Solutions Ahead of 2015 Session

The state’s workers’ comp system and its array of expenses were in the spotlight yesterday at a pre-2015 Legislative Session meeting of the Legislative Audit Advisory Council. The purpose of the meeting was to address an audit of workers’ comp costs in the state released February 9th, 2015, and to address the recommendations therein. State agencies and stakeholders on both the labor and business sides of the question testified and were charged with facilitating discussion and making amendments to the system at the administrative level.

In medical news:

Arthritis Care and Research has published a study on the triggers for low back pain, which include both physical and psychosocial components.

In neighboring news:

The Texas DWC announced that it discovered underpayments on 64 lifetime income benefits and death benefits claims totaling more than $511,000.