Monthly Archives: May 2017

In continuing news:

Joe Paduda of Managed Care Matters backed up OWCA Dir. Kellar’s statement on the ODG formulary and hydrocodone prescribing in a new post.

In industry news:

AmTrust Financial Services Inc. shares surged after members of the chief executive officer’s family agreed to inject $300 million for new shares in a private placement.

In local news:

HB592, the bill that would establish the Work Loss Data Institute’s ODG closed pharmacy formulary for workers’ comp, will finally be referred to Committee in the Senate this afternoon.

In neighboring news:

The Texas Senate has passed legislation that affirms the authority of the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation fraud unit to conduct criminal investigations.

In industry news:

The U.S. property/casualty industry posted a first-quarter 2017 net underwriting loss of $841.5 million, according to preliminary financial results from A.M. Best.