Monthly Archives: October 2017

In economic news:

From 2016 to 2026, employment is projected to increase by 11.5 million, or 7.4 percent, according to new Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.

In local news:

WCAC voted to issue a cease and desist letter to Insight Labs regarding pharmacogenetic testing of injured workers in Louisiana.

In economic news:

A report by the Tax Foundation has Louisiana dropping a spot in its rankings for favorable tax climate for operating a business.

In national news:

A new location quotient map from the Bureau of Labor Statistics measures how concentrated an occupation is in a geographic area compared with the nation.

WCAC Votes to Issue Cease and Desist to Insight Labs Regarding Phamacogenetic Testing

CORRECTED 10/30/17: The Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council met yesterday in Baton Rouge and took action on the pharmacogenetic testing issue, two months after Council member Bray Williams raised concerns about the practice stemming from the treatment of one of his clients for whom Broadspire was the workers’ comp TPA. Office of Workers’ Compensation Director and WCAC Chair Sheral Kellar and Medical Director Dr. Jason Picard also gave an update on the Medical Treatment Guidelines.

In local news:

LWC has begun a new initiative to fight misclassification of employees as independent contractors, a type of employer fraud.

In local news:

The Jefferson Parish Council is considering a proposal to sue drug companies over the public costs associated with the opioid epidemic.

In industry news:

NCCI released a research brief, “Investigating the Drivers of the 2015 Workers Compensation Medical Severity Decline.”