Monthly Archives: March 2019

WCAC Holds Forum on Chronic Pain Guideline Update

The Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC), in lieu of its regular March meeting, held a public forum on the proposed chronic pain guideline update within its ongoing mission to update the Medical Treatment Guidelines. This update, as well as the entire set of Louisiana Medical Treatment Guidelines, is based on Colorado’s guidelines, which are then modified for Louisiana injured workers by the Louisiana Medical Advisory Council (MAC).

In national news:

WCRI has released an online version of its 2019 Annual Report. This report was distributed in hard copy at the Institute’s recently held annual conference.

In industry news:

A panel of legal and claims experts will examine the advantages, pitfalls and judicial implications that social media is having on policyholders.

In neighboring news:

Rich Gergasko, Texas Mutual Insurance Company president and CEO, recently received the 2019 Philanthropic Leadership Award from the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation.

In national news:

The National Employment Law Project released a new report about uber and other service companies that classify their workers as independent contractors.

In economic news:

Unemployment rates were below the U.S. rate of 4.4 percent in198 metropolitan areas and above it in 176 areas, according to new Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.

In neighboring news:

The Texas Commissioner of Workers’ Compensation recently adopted a revised procedure for evaluating designated doctor performance effective immediately.

In local news:

Kelli Bondy Troutman, Director of Communications and Community Relations at LUBA Workers’ Comp, was named a Great Futures Honoree by the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Baton Rouge.