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Meet Clarissa Preston, NCCI’s New State Relations Executive for Louisiana

NCCI has a new State Relations Executive for Louisiana, Clarissa Preston. Preston is a Louisiana native with varied experience in the workers’ comp industry, including as a regulator with the Louisiana Department of Insurance. She is currently responsible for Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, and Arizona, as well as Louisiana. Preston spoke with Louisiana Comp Blog about her role.

OWCA Responds to WCRI Study Finding Louisiana is an Outlier in Opioid Prescribing

WCRI released a new study: Interstate Variations in Dispensing of Opioids, 5th Edition, which assesses claims data from 27 states, including Louisiana, from October 2011 to March 2018. The study finds that, in all states studied, fewer injured workers received opioids recently as compared with previous years. Injured workers continue to be treated for pain with NSAIDs, which increased modestly, and other interventions. 

Q&A: LDI Market Share Report Methodology

The annual Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI) market share reports, colloquially known as the Top 20 reports, are an important metric to assess the health of Louisiana’s various markets by line. Louisiana Comp Blog spoke to John Tobler, LDI Deputy Commissioner of Public Affairs, Warren Byrd and Charles Hansberry Deputy Commissioners at LDI’s Office of Property & Casualty about how the data are collected. 

CorVel Confirms “Ransomware Event”

CorVel Corporation, a third party administrator with offices around the nation, including one in Metairie, suffered a security issue that began on July 21st. The nature and extent of the problem was not immediately clear last week, as CorVel’s email communications and customer-facing services were temporarily nonfunctional.