EMPLOYERS Highlights Progress Since Entering Louisiana Market

EMPLOYERS, a workers’ compensation carrier with coast-to-coast operations, recently entered the Louisiana market. Since then, the company was made its mark in Louisiana’s healthy workers’ compensation market. Louisiana Comp Blog reached out to EMPLOYERS Sale and Marketing Chief Ray Wise and Territory Manager Alicia Stanley to assess the company’s progress. Currently, EMPLOYERS does business in 42 states and D.C.

Wise made clear in a phone interview that Louisiana’s cultural charms and business climate had a significant part in EMPLOYERS’ decision to join the local fray of carriers.

“The impetus for entering the Louisiana market was to continue to build out a national footprint,” Wise said. “We like Louisiana on a personal level in the EMPLOYERS sales and marketing team. The process of getting into Louisiana was good too.”

Asked how Louisiana’s benefits cost compares to other EMPLOYERS states, Wise said that Louisiana “is about in the middle in terms of cost.” But that “we are very pleased with production so far, however, we’re certainly seeing increased competition from national companies.”

Wise asserted that despite a national and local soft market, he expects that EMPLOYERS will continue to distinguish itself among agents and insureds. “We have a reputation for stability…and we are also known for our book of business in the hospitality industry – and Louisiana has a lot of that. Overall though, 75 percent of businesses we have a market for somewhere, around 100 employees is our sweet spot.”

Alicia Stanley, EMPLOYERS Territory Manager for Louisiana and Mississippi, echoed Wise’s pride in Louisiana as part of the carrier’s family. “I started with EMPLOYERS on May 21st of this year,” she said. “EMPLOYERS began 105 years ago as the state fund for Nevada. From there it first spread out to mainly Western states. A few years ago, we went into expansion mode and our goal was to be in all 50 states that weren’t monopolistic. We entered the great state of Louisiana in December 2017.”

Stanley added that she sees working for EMPLOYERS as an exciting opportunity, because of the company’s reputation. “I worked in Texas previously and knew about the company and their reputation,” she said. “They were always very aggressive, a solid company, and provided good service. EMPLOYERS has a place here in the Louisiana marketplace because we are A-rated, reliable, have aggressive rates, provide great service, have an easy-to-use online system, and the unique claims handling that Louisiana needs.”

The EMPLOYERS website includes a page that lays out the company’s core values: integrity, customer focus, collaboration, initiative, accountability, innovation, and personal fulfillment. For his part though, Wise puts the company’s role in simple terms: “We are concerned about making things easier for small business owners.”


Image Credit: EMPLOYERS


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