IAASW Seminar Preview: David Christensen of ZOOM Audits

The Insurance Auditor’s Association of the Southwest (IAASW) will hold its first Louisiana Regional Seminar October 4th and 5th at L’Auberge in Baton Rouge.

Ahead of the seminar, Louisiana Comp Blog asked speakers to give us a preview of what attendees can expect from the new event. David Christensen of ZOOM Audits, will discuss communication issues in the modern world of auditing.


Comp Blog: Tell me about your background in the industry.


Christensen: I’ve been engaged in the premium audit industry since 1991, working with a small regional vendor, Valence and Associates. They were based in Ohio and I was the first person they hired in Tennessee, where I was based at the time. In those days, we relied on a car, a very good map book, and pay phones. I knew a shortcut to everywhere and every pay phone that worked in a 45 county radius!

I worked in the field meeting with policyholders for about two years, and then our company was acquired by one of the large national firms and they offered me an opportunity to become an audit reviewer. Eventually I transitioned into management and that’s where I feel I’ve found my niche. I thoroughly enjoy managing teams and grooming and developing people.

I moved to Louisiana in 2000, managing a field audit operation with a company that was at that time called Oberlin Solutions. Then I bounced around several companies that were acquired, including F.A. Richard.


Comp Blog: What’s your current position and where?


Christensen: My current business partner and I built ZOOM Audits in 2010, with the blessing of our previous company, and that’s where I am today. Our whole idea at ZOOM is to take advantage strategically of technology, and create online solutions. We’ve created a module that will allow laypersons, insureds with no knowledge of premium audit, to do the audit, online, at their convenience. Our offices are in Lafayette, and we have about 65 people working for us.


Comp Blog: What will your presentation at IAASW involve?


Christensen: My presentation is going to be tailored to communication and communication skills. How do we as premium auditors communicate effectively in the digital age? Especially with those new college grads, grooming them to understand that, even in a culture of abbreviation, professionalism is important.

The other thing I think is important is to assess your own online presence. Especially with e-audit solutions like ours, if we contact a business owner asking for financials, we need to anticipate that that business owner is going to look up that auditor.


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