IAASW Regional Seminar Preview: Dr. Rick Palmer of Affirm Solutions

The Insurance Auditor’s Association of the Southwest (IAASW) will hold its first Louisiana Regional Seminar October 4th and 5th at L’Auberge in Baton Rouge.

Ahead of the seminar, Louisiana Comp Blog asked speakers to give us a preview of what attendees can expect from the new event. Dr. Rick Palmer, of Affirm Solutions, will discuss advanced auditing techniques in general liability.


Comp Blog: Tell me about your background in auditing.


Dr. Palmer: I’ve been doing premium audit for 27 years now. I started in Southern California and have been transplanted to Colorado. I’ve done both workers’ comp and general liability. On the general liability, I’ve also done garage liability, commercial auto, marine, and trucking. I’ve done audits in most every state in the West except for Alaska and Hawaii. Currently my position here at Affirm is Audit Specialist. My position includes reviewing audits, and I’m currently trying to develop a trucking audit program. I’ve been with Affirm since January of 2015. I worked for a very small regional company called Essential Insurance Services which Affirm bought and I stayed on.


Comp Blog: What will presentation focus on?


Dr. Palmer: My presentation is going to be on general liability, more advanced topics. We’ll be discussing multiple business operations, where an insured is working in areas where one part of the operation would be rated on payroll and one part of the operation would be rated on sales. Then we’re also going to discuss mercantile and manufacturing risks that also do installation and repair. We’ll also discuss intercompany sales and issues with general liability class codes – how to classify a convenience store that sells gasoline, things like that.


Comp Blog: Is this your first time speaking for an IAASW event, what’s your involvement with them?


Dr. Palmer: I spoke last year for the first time. I did a presentation on legal entities, so issues with LLCs, sole proprietorships and how we treat them at audit.


Comp Blog: What is the main thing you’d like attendees to gain from your presentation?


Dr. Palmer: I’d like them to gain an understanding of how to work with difficult general liability class codes – and not be afraid of them!




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