IAASW Seminar Preview: Jon Hamel of PremiumAudit.com

The Insurance Auditor’s Association of the Southwest (IAASW) will hold its first Louisiana Regional Seminar October 4th and 5th at L’Auberge in Baton Rouge.

Ahead of the seminar, Louisiana Comp Blog asked speakers to give us a preview of what attendees can expect from the new event. Jon Hamel, of PremiumAudit.com will have a flexible presentation, at least a portion of which will focus on fraud.


Comp Blog: Tell me about your background in the auditing industry.


Hamel: I started in 1970 as a background investigator for with a retail credit company which is now known as Equifax. I was sent over to a subsidiary of theirs as a management employee in ‘74. I lasted with them until ‘83 at which time I was staff adjusted and couldn’t find other work so I started my own business.


Comp Blog: What’s your current position?


Hamel: I’m still working at my own business, which is technically owned by my wife who was kind enough to employ me. I’m the general manager and I supervise the whole business.


Comp Blog: What does that look like day-to-day?


Hamel: I review audits, and I go out and do some audits still. The ones where there it’s questionable what the insured is doing. I also handle the large audits, where payroll exceeds !1 million. In addition to that, I’m the Chief Financial Officer.


Comp Blog: What will your presentation involve at the IAASW seminar?


Hamel: My presentation will involve fraud, but it will also include odds and ends that will be of interest to the advanced crowd at the seminar. It’s still up in the air a little!


Comp Blog: What do you think the value of IAASW is to attendees?


Hamel: My focus in attending these is for education. Even though I’ve been in the business 48 years, I learn something every time I go to an IAASW event. I go to learn from other people in our niche and the exposure is beneficial to see other companies’ methods. You can look at figures all day long and get bored, but what makes premium auditing interesting is the people.



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