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In a harrowing accident that fortunately avoided tragedy, two window washers trapped on a broken platform outside the 69th floor of New York’s One World Trade Center scrambled to safety through a hole cut in the glass on Wednesday, after dangling for two hours alongside the city’s tallest skyscraper. Rescuers pulled the men from an oblong, open-topped platform used to clean windows as one end of it hung on a sharp, almost vertical angle from the newly opened tower, high above the National September 11 Memorial in lower Manhattan.

Tenants started occupying the 104-story structure only last week. The rescued men were identified as Juan Lopez, who has been a window washer for five years, and Juan Lizama, who has been on the job for 14 years. According to a labor union rep, it appeared that one of the cables from which the platform was suspended had snapped after an unspecified mechanical failure.

Watch a video of the rescue and get full coverage from Reuters here.

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