In bonus news:

A new editorial from “Working in These Times,” a news site about organized labor and labor relations, compares the status of Uber drivers and other “independent contractors” of the “sharing economy” to 19th century workers who lacked basic compensation or standards of safety in the workplace. The author opines: “Today, those who fund and manage Uber, Homejoy, Lyft, Taskrabbit, and other start-up companies are attempting to construct a new model of work and economic exchange, which they refer to as the ‘sharing economy.’ Those who profit from this economy classify those who work in it as ‘independent contractors,’ in part in order to avoid responsibility for providing workers’ compensation and other benefits. The sharing economy’s boosters thus seek to reverse the gains in worker safety realized over a century ago by those who suffered the effects of injurious working conditions and inadequate state support.”

Read the editorial here.

Read Louisiana Comp Blog’s local take on the Uber workers’ comp dilemma here.

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