In bonus research news:

Pain Insights Inc. has released a new market study analyzing provider attitudes toward the rescheduling of opioids like hydrocodone combination products. The FDA rescheduled such medications in August from Schedule III to Schedule II in rules that went in effect October 6th. Hydrocodone-acetaminophen products are the most frequently prescribed opioids in the United States with over 129 million prescriptions dispensed in 2013. Pain Insights found that:

  • Practitioners reported that rescheduling would alter their prescribing of HCPs by significant percentages for the treatment of pain and have a resultant effect on the use of alternative medications.
  • 58% agreed with the premise that rescheduling of HCPs will put pressure on practitioner time and burden patients.
  • 46% stated that they were “somewhat-extremely” likely to believe that rescheduling will decrease overall opioid-related deaths.

Read the full release here.

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