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The same California Labor Commission that handed down the potentially crippling decision to uphold an Uber driver’s claim that she was an employee and not an independent contractor has been accused of conflicts of interest. A trucking firm has filed suit against the state’s Department of Industrial Relations citing the fact that the Labor Commission underwrites a law firm that sues trucking companies accused of misclassifying drivers, and then presides over the appeals. According to a Courthouse News Service report, the company, WinWin Logistics, sued Labor Commissioner Julie Su, the California Department of Industrial Relations and its Division of Labor Standards Enforcement on June 18, alleging due process violations. The filing includes an allegation that the Department of Industrial Relations gave a $230,000 grant to the Wage Justice Center employment law firm in 2013, and “described its relationship with Wage Justice Center as a partnership.” That state grant was more than half the law firm’s revenue in 2013 and nearly equaled its revenue in 2012.

Read more from Courthouse News Service here.

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