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Joe Paduda, author of Managed Care Matters, published a new post agreeing with the position Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration (OWCA) Director Sheral Kellar has taken on the ODG formulary. Referencing Director Kellar’s comments (which Louisiana Comp Blog separately published in full) on a WorkCompCentral article (subscription required) from last week, Paduda explains his respect for Kellar and argues that her assertion that hydrocodone would be basically unrestricted under the proposed ODG formulary is correct. “Ms. Kellar’s state [Louisiana] has the second highest rate of opioid usage among workers comp patients,” Paduda writes. “So she is keenly aware of the issue. She also knows a formulary is not a panacea, rather just one tool in the armamentarium.”

Read Director Kellar’s statement here.

Read Joe Paduda’s post here.

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