In healthcare news:

Compounding pharmacies have accused Express Scripts in a federal antitrust complaint of conspiring with other giant pharmacy benefit managers to squeeze them out of the market through an illegal boycott. Precision RX Compounding and five other pharmacies allege that Express Scripts employs a pattern of “ongoing and multi-faceted conspiracy between the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers (‘PBMs)—including Express Scripts, CVS Health Corporation, OptumRx, Inc., and Prime Therapeutics, LLC—to jointly boycott compounding pharmacies to eliminate plaintiffs from the market for pharmaceuticals covered by group and individual health plans.” Express Scripts is the largest PBM in the nation and its alleged co-conspirators are the second, third and fourth largest PBMs: 95 percent of U.S. prescriptions are covered by the plans, according to the lawsuit.

Read more via Workers’ Compensation 360 here.

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