In industry news:

WCRI released its CompScope Medical Benchmarks, 20th edition for 18 study states, including Louisiana. Major findings for Louisiana this year include:

  • “For 2017 claims with more than seven days of lost time at an average of 12 months of experience, the average medical cost per claim in Louisiana was 28 percent higher than the 18-state median and 56 percent higher for 2015 claims at 36 months of experience.
  • At just over $10,200, the average medical payment per claim for hospital outpatient care in Louisiana was more than double that of the median state for 2017 claims evaluated in 2018.
  • Facility payments (for ambulatory surgery centers [ASCs] and hospital outpatient combined) accounted for about 26 percent of total medical payments per claim in Louisiana, the highest percentage among the 18 study states for 2017 claims at 12 months of experience.”

Purchase a copy of the study here.

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