In international news:

A new Associated Press investigation into the Thai seafood industry has revealed how shrimp peeled in horrific conditions, often by slaves, can find its way into the supply chains feeding Americans. According to AP, “pervasive human trafficking has helped turn Thailand into one of the world’s biggest shrimp providers. Despite repeated promises by businesses and government to clean up the country’s $7 billion seafood export industry…shrimp peeled by modern-day slaves is reaching the U.S., Europe and Asia. The problem is fueled by corruption and complicity among police and authorities. Arrests and prosecutions are rare. Raids can end up sending migrants without proper paperwork to jail, while owners go unpunished.” In some cases, AP found that factory owners were not even aware that slavery is illegal, one said in reaction to a string of police raids for human trafficking: “I’m not selling drugs, why did they take possession of my things?”

Read the article via the New Orleans Advocate here.

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