In legal news:

The Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal affirmed the decision of a workers’ comp judge upholding employer choice of pharmacy within reasonable limits of access to care. In Bordelon v. Lafayette Consolidated Government the court reasoned, “Dr. Bordelon was informed by LCG and its pharmacy plan on how to properly fill his prescriptions in a timely manner, but his failure to follow the instructions he was provided was not the fault of LCG. Had Dr. Bordelon wanted his prescriptions filled quicker than the timeframe set by the mail order option he chose on his own accord [Injured Workers’ Pharmacy], he had an ample number of local pharmacies in which to do so, or he could have simply sent in the prescriptions in the timeframe set out to him by CVS/Caremark. We can find no error in the workers’ compensation judge’s determination that, under Sigler, LCG was entitled to choose the pharmacy to be used by Dr. Bordelon.”

Read the full decision from the third circuit here.

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