In legal news:

Tyson Foods, a non-subscriber, will pay an injured employee $2.2 million in a jury verdict against the company reached in Texas. The employee, Asa Ferrell, developed a lower back injury while sorting and lifting boxes of Tyson product that weighed between 65 and 100 pounds in tight quarters. Although proper lifting procedures would have prevented his injuries, the tight quarters where Ferrell had to maneuver the boxes prevented him from using proper lifting techniques. Ferrell also claimed that Tyson failed to provide the necessary equipment or assistance. Ferrell sued Tyson after the accident and jurors awarded him $498,382 for physical impairment, $774,478 for pain and suffering, $111,531 for mental anguish and emotional distress, $505,936 for lost earning capacity, and $358,600 for past and future medical expenses.

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