In legislative news:

The closed formulary bill for workers’ comp (SB256 by Senator Martiny) was voluntarily deferred in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee yesterday. Senator Martiny volunteered to bring his measure before Committee first yesterday morning and immediately explained his new perspective on his own legislation. “I have always prided myself in my twenty-plus years in this building as a consensus builder,” he said. “It appears that I have built a consensus – nobody likes this bill.” Martiny went on to explain that the purpose of the legislation was to “relieve some of the administrative burden [associated with] prescriptions” in the workers’ comp system by streamlining the approval of certain agreed-upon drugs. Though he stressed that the issue remains on the forefront of his priorities, and that he has received commitments from stakeholders that believe the issue can resolved with rule-making, Martiny asked the Committee to voluntarily defer the bill, saying in jest: “Please don’t make me present this bill, and with that, I’m leaving.”

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