In local labor news:

Louisiana’s overall labor force and the number of those employed in the labor force both increased significantly in March, according to not seasonally adjusted data released by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The civilian labor force grew by 27,906 over the month and by 80,629 over the year. Those employed in the labor force grew by 22,488 over the month and 58,196 over the year. Both figures are the highest for the month of March in the state’s history. However, according to a release from the Louisiana Workforce Commission, the state’s unemployment rate rose by 0.2 percentage points to 6.4 percent over the month with an increase of 5,418 in the number of people unemployed. Curt Eysink, Executive Director of the LWC, explained in the statement released by the agency yesterday that the modest uptick “is driven by the massive increase in people looking for work in Louisiana, not by layoffs.”

Read full details from the LWC here.

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