In local news:

The Louisiana Workforce Commission is on track toward a second consecutive record-setting year in the identification of workers misclassified by employers as independent contractors. Through November 12, 2015, LWC identified nearly 9,400 misclassified employees in audits of 865 companies. Audits in process through the end of 2015 are expected to surpass 2014’s record discovery of 12,782 misclassified employees. Louisiana led the nation in 2014 by finding 11 misclassified workers per audit. Until 2010, the federal government required that unemployment insurance audits be done randomly. That year, fewer than 300 misclassified employees were identified in Louisiana. Today, LWC’s audits are risk-based, using tips, complaints, information from partner agencies and also focus on industries, such as construction, hospitality and personal services, in which worker misclassification has been prevalent.

Read more from LWC here and The Advocate here.

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