In local news:

The Louisiana Workforce Commission issued a declaration of emergency in the latest Louisiana Register related to fees issued by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration. The notice explains, “The Louisiana Workforce Commission has exercised the emergency provision…to amend fees […] This Emergency Rule effective February 1, 2016, will remain in effect for a period of 120 days. This amendment is required pursuant to the deficit reduction plan adopted by the Division of Administration. The department considers emergency action necessary to generate funds necessary for the Office of Workers’ Compensation to maintain services.” The fees include:

  1. filing of LWC-WC-1008 $50
  2. filing of LWC-WC-1011 where no LWC-WC-1008 has been filed $50
  3. service of process on secretary of state―$50 or as otherwise set by the secretary of state
  4. copies of any paper in any suit record―$0.25 per page
  5. for each certification―$1
  6. filing by facsimile transmission-$5 for the first 10 pages and $1 for each page thereafter
  7. cost of preparation of record for appeal―available upon request from the district offices
  8. cost of service by certified mail―$5 per service
  9. subpoenas/subpoenas ducestecum $5

Read further detail on page 31 of the January Louisiana Register, available here.

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