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AMERISAFE officially announced that Allen Bradley, AMERISAFE’s Executive Chairman, will retire effective April 22, 2016. Bradley joined the company in 1994 and served in a number of management roles, including as CEO from 2003 through 2015. He also led AMERISAFE in its initial public offering in 2005. Bradley initially announced his retirement last year, and Janelle Frost was named to replace him. In a prepared statement issued yesterday, Bradley said: “After serving years as CFO, Janelle Frost’s transition to the CEO role of AMERISAFE began when she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in May 2013. When I announced my retirement in March 2015, I agreed to remain until September 2016 to assist her in the transition to CEO. This transition has gone extremely well and now is the right time for me to fully retire. I have full confidence in Janelle and the company’s management team, and I am looking forward to retirement.”

Read Allen Bradley’s interview with Comp Blog about his retirement here. Read the full press release here.

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