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The Louisiana Senate Committee on Insurance considered SB 266 concerning the licensure of workers’ comp adjusters yesterday in their first meeting, reporting it favorably. The measure, sponsored by Senator Gerald Long, repeals the exemption workers’ comp claims adjusters currently hold, requiring them to be licensed in order to practice in the state of Louisiana. Testifying on behalf of his bill, Senator Long invoked the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), stating that the changes  “bring Louisiana in line with what other states are doing […] we believe it brings a sense of completeness to the licensing process.”

Barry Ward, Deputy Commissioner of Licensing for the Department of Insurance, also spoke in support of the measure, saying that, “this will remove the exemption and require that workers’ comp adjusters be licensed. At the same time, it provides a grandfather timeframe from the exam requirement [for licensure] and sets a date of August 1st, 2017 – which will give us an opportunity to establish an exam and get that in place.” In order to take advantage of the grandfather provision, a Louisiana workers’ comp adjuster will have to make application to the Department in order to demonstrate that they have been adjusting workers’ comp claims for at least three of the last five years. All others will have to sit for an exam. The bill was reported favorably to the floor without objection or discussion and is expected to pass.

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