In local news:

Representative Broadwater’s group self-insurance fund financial standards bill, HB 280, was heard in the House Governmental Affairs Committee yesterday, and the workers’ comp adjuster licensing bill was heard in House Insurance after passing in the Senate. On HB 280, which already passed favorably through House Labor and Industrial Relations, Broadwater explained that the bill likely found its way into Governmental Affairs because the corrective action plans from the Insurance Commissioner for funds deemed to be in “hazardous financial condition” is not subject to the public records law. The reason for this, according to his testimony, is that if the plan was made public it could create a panic and further exacerbate the precarious position of the affected fund. The moved favorably without objection.
Regarding the adjuster licensing measure (SB 266), sponsoring legislator Senator Long presented the bill as a patch designed to bring workers’ comp adjusters in line with other insurance adjusters and to bring Louisiana in line with other states. Deputy Commissioner Ron Henderson with the Louisiana Department of Insurance testified that adjusters in border areas are having to designate other states as their home state for licensure purposes in order to adjust claims and the bill would make it easier for them. Further, supporters attest that an exam and official license would ensure professionalism. The bill passed favorably without objection.

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