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Louisiana Tenth Judicial District Court Judge Lala B. Sylvester awarded $7 million to the surviving family members of a woman who died of cancer after years of laundering her husband’s asbestos-tainted clothes. Myra Williams died from mesothelioma after years of contact with asbestos at home through handling her husband’s work clothes. Myra’s husband, Jimmy Williams, worked around asbestos at his job for Placid Oil Company. Jimmy Williams was required to crawl over equipment insulated with asbestos for his work duties, plus change gaskets and remove insulation from compressors. Former Placid Oil employees testified that the removal of insulation and vibration from the compressors would create asbestos dust in the compressor room, which visible to the naked eye. Williams’ attorneys proved that Jimmy Williams’ employer knew about the dangers of asbestos beginning in the 1950s ad failed to act.

Read more from Courthouse News Service here and from the Natchitoches Times here.

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