In local news:

After a Graphic Packaging International Inc. employee suffered a severe injury in June 2014 when the worker’s hand was caught in a moving printing press, OSHA has cited the West Monroe employer for 28 safety violations. Proposed penalties total $129,000. OSHA investigators in the Baton Rouge Area Office initially cited the company for 26 serious safety violations, with a penalty of $127,000, additional penalties were added for electrical hazards and failure to illuminate an exit sign. Workers were exposed to machinery hazards; failure to guard all nip points, or pinch points, on large printing presses; and failure to implement lockout/tagout procedures to shut down the equipment properly to protect workers during maintenance and repair. Graphic Packaging also failed to inspect for defective slings, attachments and fastenings used to handle material; provide guardrails on platforms above dangerous machinery; and review annually the confined space program.

Graphic Packaging employs more than 9,000 workers, with more than 400 at the West Monroe plant.

Read the full release from OSHA here.

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