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A new report suggests that Governor John Bel Edwards will veto HB592, the ODG closed pharmacy formulary bill, if it gets to his desk by the time the Legislative Session ends on June 8th. According to a partial statement published by WorkCompCentral, Richard Carbo, the governor’s deputy chief of staff, said that the formulary would not address the opioid issue in the state. “This formulary lists the opioid hydrocodone as a ‘yes’ drug, but lists common non-addictive topical pain patches as ‘no’ drugs, thus, not addressing the issue with the most commonly prescribed opioid,” Carbo said. HB592 passed the House 58-36 on Tuesday, despite the opposition of the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC), the Louisiana State Medical Society, and labor. The bill will be scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee this morning.

Read more from WCC here.

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