In local news:

Representative Connick deferred his hearing loss bill, HB 790, in the House Labor and Industrial Relations Committee meeting the morning of April 27th. The Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) voted to report the bill favorably last Thursday. At the same meeting, the Committee considered a bill (SB 336) which would reauthorize the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC). That bill contains an amendment which would change the names of several officials within the LWC to reflect them as part of the Governor’s cabinet. For example, Executive Director would become Secretary. Ava Dejoie and Senate Labor Chair Senator Neil Riser were present to testify on the changes. Representative Amedee asked if this was related to the effort in SB 221 to change the name of the Louisiana Workforce Commission to the Louisiana Department of Labor. Riser and Dejoie testified that SB 336 is not related and it does not change the pay scale and is only a formality.

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