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OWCA Director Sheral Kellar issued a public notice informing all stakeholders that, despite the fact that the OWCA Dedicated Statutory Fund was not included in SB 400, the self-assessment which funds the department is still under threat of being reclassified as fees and self-generated revenue. Kellar explains in the notice:

“On May 8th, SB 400 was heard in House Appropriations where Representative Rick Edmonds introduced House Committee Amendment No. 4060.  Of particular interest to the workers’ compensation community is Amendment #13. It not only placed the OWCA Administrative Fund back into the fees and self-generating revenue classification [(L.R.S.-23:1291(E)] but it also classified the penalties for failure to secure workers’ compensation insurance; assessment and collection (L.S.A.-R.S. 23:1170), the criminal penalties for willfully failing to provide security for compensation (L.S.A.-R.S. 23:1172 and 1172.1), the criminal penalties for unlawful practices (L.S.A.-R.S. 23:1172.2) and the fines for failing to attend a cost-containment meeting (L.S.A.-R.S. 23:1178) as fees and self-generating revenue.”

Read Director Kellar’s entire notice on Louisiana Comp Blog here.

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