In local news:

The Louisiana Workforce Commission has promulgated new rules for outlier reimbursement and published a Notice of Intent regarding updates to the Medical Treatment Guidelines in the May 2015 Louisiana Register. Automatic outliers now include additional ICD-9 codes for severe burns, as well as the codes for AIDS and acute myocardial infarction. The Notice of Intent announces the OWC’s plans to update the Medical Treatment Guidelines’ general principles for a variety of common comp injuries, with extensive detail. Public comments should be submitted in writing to Patrick Robinson, OWC-Administration, 1001 North 23rd Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. Such comments should be received on June 15, 2015, by COB. A hearing on the proposed rules will be held on June 24th at 10 AM at the LWC Training Center.

Access the May 2015 Louisiana Register here. The new automatic outlier ICD-9 codes are on page 103 of the PDF (981 of the document). The Notice of Intent is on pages 134-150 in the PDF (1012-1028 in the document).

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