In local news:

The Louisiana Supreme Court issued a decision October 1st clarifies that the intoxication defense in workers’ comp “must be verified or confirmed by certain methods before the result of the test ‘can be used as a basis for any disqualification.’” The three-page decision reverses the court of appeal because:

“It is undisputed that unconfirmed drug test results cannot be used as a basis for disqualification pursuant to La. R.S. 23:1081, It would be illogical to prohibit the unconfirmed drug test to be used to deny a claimant benefits under 1081, yet allow the same unconfirmed drug test to be used as proof of fraud to ban a claimant’s benefits under 1208, The unconfirmed test results are equally unreliable in both circumstances.”

The full decision is here: La Supreme Court Parson v LCTA_10.1.19

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