In local news:

The OWC published two Notices of Intent in the July Louisiana Register addressing rules for reporting judicial misconduct and a medical e-billing deadline. On the judicial misconduct issue, the proposed rule states that “complaints alleging misconduct or disability on the part of any workers’ compensation judge shall be submitted to the director in writing” and include basic information, court documents and an account of the alleged misconduct. The proposed rule also states that “complaints which solely criticize a judge’s official decision making or claim judicial error subject to appellate review, or which fail to [supply necessary info/facts], shall be screened out as frivolous.” Regarding medical e-billing, the proposed rule states that, “payment of all uncontested portions of a complete medical bill shall be made within 30 calendar days of receipt of the original bill, or receipt of additional information requested by the insurance carrier allowed under the law.”

Access the July Register (Notices in full on pdf pages 235-7) here.

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