In local news:

The 1009 Medical Director review process which was enjoined and then reinstated by a suspension of the initial injunction last month will remain in place for the time being, after a hearing in the 19th JDC constitutionality case (spearheaded by Lafayette claimant attorneys Janice Barber and Jennifer Barber Valois) yesterday. Judge Johnson denied the plaintiffs’ motion to convert the suspensive appeal to a devolutive appeal in the brief proceedings. Judge Johnson also acknowledged the controversy surrounding the case as he gave his determination and said that he doesn’t worry about being overturned on appeal. “I’m sure the agency is pretty upset,” he said. “Nevertheless, I need to do what I feel is right under the law.” The Barber/Valois team, represented yesterday by Christopher D. Shows of Pierce & Shows (as lead plaintiffs’ counsel J. Arthur Smith was not able to attend) expressed a desire to see the case move quickly to the Supreme Court and emphasized the need for expediency.

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