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NCCI recently released its latest research on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its effect on the workers’ compensation industry. The ACA has dramatically changed the healthcare landscape in the United States, and the individual health insurance mandate, together with the state option for Medicaid expansion, have increased the number of medically insured in America by roughly 20 million people as of early 2016. NCCI found that the ACA has had no discernible impact on crowding out workers’ compensation claimants from access to primary care services through 2014, the first full year of expanded medical insurance coverage. Further, 68 percent of primary care services provided during the first 90 days of a claim occur during the claim’s first 10 days. Also, a reduction in the US obesity rate from 35-25 percent, in accordance with the goals of the ACA’s wellness initiative, might reduce workers’ comp medical costs by 3-4 percent.

Download the full report here: NCCI Research Brief – ACA 2016

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