In medical news:

An Indiana orthopedist who founded the Society for Patient Centered Orthopedic Surgery has launched a “moral persuasion” campaign to encourage orthopedic surgeons to avoid financial conflicts of interest which he says lead to unnecessary surgeries. So far, 14 orthopedists have joined founder James Rickert, MD, in the effort. Rickert says that the business and sales components of some orthopedic surgeons practice creates an incentive to focus on volume not outcomes. He told MedPage Today, that many surgeons “own part of the distributorships that sell the total hip or knee implants to the hospital, and they’ll make a ton of money on that. Or they own the imaging center they send their patients to. They own a piece of the surgical center. They know if they’re not doing a lot of surgery, they may lose money on their overhead.”

Read the full feature from MedPage Today here.

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