In medical news:

New research in the Journal of Clinical Psychology has found that for every dollar spent on treating depression, almost five dollars is spent on the treatment and workplace costs of related medical conditions like back and chest pain, sleep disorders and migraines. Kaiser Health News reports that the study’s estimates include major depressive disorder only and that costs rose from $173.2 billion in 2005 to $210 billion in 2010, a 21.5 percent increase. About half of that is for direct treatment and suicide-related services, but the rest is linked to the workplace. Population and increased diagnoses across the country partly account for the increase but experts caution that the numbers are evidence that those with mental health issues are not receiving the necessary well-rounded treatment. Currently, 6.8 percent of the population suffers from diagnosed major depressive disorder and the average depressed workday loses the equivalent of 32 workdays a year in terms of productivity.

Read the further coverage from Kaiser Health News here.

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