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A Boston University Medical School study published in JAMA Internal Medicine has found that abuse-deterrent opioids and the removal of propoxyphene from the market have resulted in a 20 percent decrease in opioid-related overdoses. The study relied upon projections regarding overdose rates so researchers claim that the 20 percent decrease is from the expected level of opioid-related overdose over the past decade since the market interventions, not the actual data. Additionally, the study reports that, shortly after these interventions, opioid prescription dispensing rates fell by 14.8 mg morphine-equivalent doses (MED) per person, per quarter. This trend persisted for 8 straight quarters. The team advocates for market interventions as part of a larger public health policy to address opioid abuse across the nation, especially in light of the recent uptick in heroin-related deaths.

Read full coverage from MedPage Today here. Read the article in JAMA here.

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