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The American Academy of Neurology has taken an official stance on long-term opioids in a statement Tuesday. The announcement is associated with a position paper in their peer reviewed journal Neurology. Statement author Gary Franklin MD told MedPage Today simply, “The evidence of harm is high and the effectiveness is low. That is the whole story.” AAN is reportedly the first national medical association to adopt a policy statement regarding opioids.

Franklin takes a particularly tough stance on opioids for chronic conditions explaining: “It seems likely that, in the long run, the use of opioids chronically for most routine conditions, such as chronic low back pain, chronic headaches, or fibromyalgia, will not prove to be worth the risk. However, even for more severe conditions, such as destructive rheumatoid arthritis, sickle-cell disease, severe collagen disease, or severe neuropathic pain, prescribers need specific guidance on dosing, publicly available brief tools to effectively screen patients for risk, and guidance on how to monitor patients for early signs of severe adverse events, misuse, or opioid use disorder.”

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