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The FDA reached decisions on two abuse-deterrent opioids late last week, approving one and rejecting another. A panel of outside advisers voted 23-1 against approving Purdue Pharma’s opioid painkiller over concerns about accidental overdosing. The experimental drug, to be called Avridi on approval, was designed as an abuse-deterrent fast-acting form of oxycodone and is among the first few drugs to be evaluated by the FDA for the efficacy of such formulations’ abuse-deterrent properties. The panel said the fact that the drug must be taken on an empty stomach for full efficacy could lead to patients taking more medication than they should if they do not carefully follow the instructions. In contrast, the FDA voted unanimously to approve a different abuse-deterrent formulation of extended-release oxycodone. Panelists felt that the new formulation, which is comprised of tiny microspheres collected inside a capsule, would pose a significant advantage for the large number of chronic pain patients who have difficulty swallowing pills – without any additional safety risk posed by the need to take the drug with food.

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